Thinline Project

When I first got into guitar, I declared myself a Strat guy and paid little attention to Teles.  As time went on I gravitated toward their look and tone, and when April came this year I couldn’t resist putting part of my tax return into this project.  Building this took months of crawling through google results, forum postings, and YouTube videos in addition to a good two months of assembly.  Full details below the gallery.

The body is mahogany with a flame maple top cut to a “hybrid” style–it uses the “thinline” style f-hole but the standard Tele control route.  I got the body from Jeff at Peach State Guitar.

The neck is the Vintage Modern cut from Warmoth with 6130 frets and a corian nut.

The pickups are from Lindy Fralin.  In the bridge position I’ve got his standard vintage telecaster single coil with AlNiCo V pole pieces and 7k turns.  In the neck I’ve got an Unbucker wound to 8k — this pickup can be split using the push-pull volume knob for the full humbucker or the overwound screw coil (4.5k).  Tons of versatility in the neck position with this pickup.

As for hardware, I went for the vintage-style Kluson tuners, bridge with 6 “barrel” saddles, the standard three-position switch, and a master volume/master tone.

Want to hear what it sounds like?


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