Mellowdrive gut shotI bought a kit from Mammoth Electronics based on’s “ODC” kit.  Dealing with Mammoth was a nightmare as they sent incorrect parts with little to no communication over the course of two months.  Lesson learned: Source your own components from somewhere like PedalPartsPlus.

GuitarPCB is a great company and super helpful.  After scrounging around multiple RadioShacks I ended up with a pedal that works OK.  I think it still needs some debugging as the LP/HP switch doesn’t do anything noticeable and the tone circuit sounds bypassed (probably due to poor soldering).

GuitarPCB’s ODC w/tone centralizer mod build documents

The circuit board is meant to simulate the overdrive from Fulltone’s Obsessive Compulsive Drive pedal.  Sounds great… hoping to get some audio clips up soon.

2013-06-11 21.31.41

mellowdrive top

mellowdrive LED


3 responses to “Mellowdrive

  1. John D

    Hey there, were you able to figure out the wiring on the SPST switch. Just wired up the ODC Kit and the switch doesn’t seem to do anything. Thank you.

    • I went back and opened this pedal a few months later and got it working great. I think I originally blew out the traces on the PCB for the 2nd (middle) potentiometer, so I think that was my problem. I cleaned a few things up in there with some desoldering braid (avoid the pumps).

      I looked up the schematic and attached the pot one step back in the signal path… I believe I soldered it on to the leg of a capacitor or something like that instead of the original, damaged PCB trace. I suggest taking the pedal apart, wiring components that aren’t working with longer wires, and then poking around in your pedal to see if you can get it to work.

      There is a definite difference in my pedal now between the HP/LP switch. One is much louder and touchier on the gain, and it is much brighter. The other switch position growls a lot–sounds great with humbuckers and neck pickups. Definitely worth playing around with it for the added functionality.

  2. Zack

    Hey Kyle I know this project is from a while back but do you remember what indicated which pots went into which holes? There’s no p1, p2, etc. on the pots they sent me.

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