Rough Rider Stout

An Oaked Imperial Stout


As imperial as old Teddy himself!  This is my most recent batch as of June 2013.  This is also the longest I’ve conditioned a beer before bottling.  I started off with a Brewer’s Best Whisky Barrel Stout kit, took out the dark malt extract, and substitued in Carafa III and Pils LME.  I upped the malt and also added Pacific Jade NZ hops to the boil, then after 3 weeks of fermentation, moved to another vessel and added oak chips.  After more than a month of rest in the back of a closet I bottled with regular priming sugar.

This one’s definitely better than the last stout I made, but pretty strong with the oak and extra hops.  If you’re a stout kind of person let me know so I can get you a bottle before it’s all gone!


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