Honey RyePA

Honey Rye IPAI teamed up with Alex Fossi to make a Rye Pale Ale from ingredients pulled together at Home Sweet Homebrew.  He wrote a cool article about it here too.  We used the BIAB mashing process which ended up short on volume and slightly stronger than expected due to poor water volume calculations combined with low efficiency.

Overall I really like this beer–it’s a standard RyePA with a half-pound of buckwheat honey to boost the alcohol which I also think adds nice flavor (Tupelo honey, I’ve noticed, adds little ‘honey’ flavor).  The El Dorado and Calypso hops are a nice combo too.

OG: 1.068

FG: 1.018

ABV: ~6.8%

Click on the bottles to see the recipe & stats at my BrewToad page.

Honey RyePA bottled


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