Welfare State Paper Update

Since my last post, I finished my paper on the Welfare State and and have both a full (21  pages with references) and 10-page version available if you want to read.  The final title is “Ideology and the Alliance for Progress: Charting the Boundaries of the Welfare State”.  The paper takes a look at the ideology behind Kennedy’s foreign aid (specifically in Latin America) and how it matched up with his idea of the American welfare state.  Were the ideas behind the Great Society reflected in the Alliance for Progress?  Check out the links above to find out.

I’ve also completed two Coursera courses that really bolstered my musical abilities: Intro to Music Production with Loudon Stearnes (Berklee Music) and Songwriting with Pat Pattinson (Berklee Music).  The Music Production class was an awesome foundation for learning DAW functionality and the basics of audio and synthesis.  The Songwriting class was a little goofy but is great for looking at songwriting more analytically than I ever have.  I highly recommend them both.  Next up: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.  More on new pedals coming soon, as I have a PCB fuzz, a Veroboard-ed Octaver, and a Boss DS-1 Seeing Eye / Ultra mod in the works.


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