Mike Rowe on “Are Bad Jobs Good for the Economy and for Those Who Work Them?”

This was a great read.  I love what Mike Rowe has been doing since Dirty Jobs.


“To: Steve Kloosterman
From: Mike Rowe
Re: Your Headline, My Face

Hi, Steve,

Mike Rowe here, Dirty Jobs. Thanks to the necromancers over at Google, I’ve been alerted to your most recent Question of the Day: “Are Bad Jobs Good for the Economy and the People Who Work Them?” (http://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2013/07/question_of_the_day_are_bad_jo.html)

Immediately under your headline I noticed a photo of me, taken on the Mackinac Bridge while filming a segment on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

Given the juxtaposition of my face with your headline, a reasonable person might conclude that a “Dirty Job” and “Bad Job” are one and the same. This sentiment is not only inconsistent with my own view of hard work, it’s completely at odds with the Dirty Jobs Code of Conduct, a collection of life lessons painstakingly compiled from the men and women I’ve met on Dirty Jobs. ”

Click the link above to read the full letter.


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August 23, 2013 · 9:43 pm

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